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Our Team

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Pastor                                                              TBA


Deacons Ministry                                          Chair, Deacon David Simmons


Deaconess' Ministry                                     Acting Chair, Deaconess Thelma Ross


Music Ministry                                               Chair, Sister Rosia Whetstone


Trustee Ministry                                            Chair, Trustee Calvin Guyton


Ministry of Christian Education                Chair, Dr. Vanessa Dianna Johnson


Ushers Ministry                                             Co-Chairs, Brother Calvin Guyton & Sister Barbara Joy Davis


Women's Ministries                                      Chair, Deaconess Idela Wilson


Youth Ministry                                                Chair, Sister Tondalay Brown


Sunday School                                                Superintendent, Sister Mary Henley


Treasurer                                                          Sister Charlene Simmons


Church Clerk                                                    Deaconess Bettye Clanton


Church Secretary                                            Sister Ann McGloshen


Church Moderator                                         Dr. Edward Roberts III

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